Teslas Elite Business Kit


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Teslas Elite Business Kit

It builds on the Teslas Elite House Kit and adds an Extra Stabiliser and a Laptop Set.

The Teslas Essential Elite Business Kit supports businesses that have 3 phase power and a Laptop.

After much research and testing, the Tablet/Laptop Tag Set (TLTS) has been developed for Tablets and Laptops.

This new Tablet/Laptop tag set is a very powerful answer to the many devices that people are using. These devices are generating Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF) that are causing our DNA to break down.

This has been proved by seeing the DNA generate heat shock proteins due to the damage that is being caused by EMFs. Electromagnetic (EM) and Microwave fields emanating from the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi antennas of Tablets and Laptops are believed to cause bio-energy effects to the DNA when they are in use.